Friday, October 3, 2008

Part Time Volunteer Dentist Needed

Maryland and Pennsylvania's Mission of Mercy has only ONE volunteer dentist to serve the entire region.

What IS A Mission of Mercy you say?

Mission of Mercy has been providing, since 1994, FREE of CHARGE, Medical and Dental Care AND Prescription medication to the Uninsured Working Poor, Homeless & Economically Disadvantaged People in 4 states. Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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How does Mission of Mercy do that?

Via a Mobile Medical Clinics

That's right Mission of Mercy has an RV outfitted as a health care/ dental care clinic.

What makes Mission of Mercy different?

Over fourteen years ago, Dr Gianna Talone-Sullivan answered a spritual call to make the restoration of dignity and healing through Love her "Mission".

Gianna's future husband, Dr Michael Sullivan, was a former US Army doctor. And he was the first person to answer Mission of Mercy's newspaper ad for Volunteer Doctors.

Dr. Sullivan served on his own "mission" of sorts, he served in Bosnia during his tour of duty as an Army Doctor.

Volunteer Doctors and Dentists are asked to serve ONE day a month, at the same location, usually a local church.

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