Friday, September 26, 2008

Wait till it happens to you

To those of us that HAVE health insurance, the plight of the un-insured/ under-insured simply seems 'unfortunate'.

To the ranks of the self employed, we can be rather *high and mighty* while we navigate the economy as a lone wolf (entreprenuers) in a sea of sheep (hourly employees). 

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Wait till it happens to YOU!

Get sick and find your self with OUT health insurance.

I know, it happened to ME.

The Maryland office of the Mission of Mercy is in dire need of an additional volunteer dentist.

ONE day a month, the same day each month... you'll get to practice "Pure Medicine"

What do I mean by "Pure Medicine"?

You'll get to remember why you wanted to practice medicine in the first place.

  • No insurance forms

  • No struggling to fit what's wrong with your patient into a category that the insurance company will pay for

  • Dental professionals needed for both Pennsylvania and Maryland Mission of Mercy.

    Mission of Mercy is a 501c3 non profit free traveling health care/ dental care clinic.

    RV set up as a traveling clinic, usually parked at area churches.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Find Mission of Mercy on, the social networking website (web 2.0 for those of you that appreciate buzz words)has a place for donations to various legitimate (read that 501c3) non profit/ charities to donate to the 'cause' of your choice easily.

    FaceBook actually calls this section of their website: Causes

    Now if a 'Cause' is a federally listed, official 501c3 charity, one can send money via a web link and ALL the money will go to the charity of your choice.

    I set up a Mission of Mercy Cause section on FaceBook:

    I've been beating the bushes to find the Mission of Mercy Maryland director, Linda Ryan, a Volunteer Dentist!

    Now when I post to all the forums on volunteerism in the US, and non profit charitable websites I can find... while I'm at it, I can leave the link to

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    September Schedule Frederick area clinics

    Mission of Mercy schedule for September 2008:

    When does MoM come to Frederick Maryland?

  • Sept 8 Frederick Church of the Brethren

  • Sept 11 Brunswick Maryland

  • Sept 11 Taneytown/ Thurmont

  • Sept 15 Mt Airy

  • Sept 22 Frederick Church of the Brethren

  • Sept 23 Brunswick Maryland

  • Sept 25 Taneytown/ Thurmont

  • Mission of Mercy also operates in Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona