Friday, January 9, 2009

Restoring Dignity Through Love

Our mission statement is to restore dignity, "healing
through love." Although a wide variety of medical and
dental services for acute and chronic conditions,
diagnostic studies and procedures both on site and in
conjunction with area hospitals and clinical specialists,
and medications are provided FREE of charge to the poor,
the homeless, the uninsured and underinsured "working poor"
who are "falling through the cracks" in ever increasing
numbers; our true product is LOVE, not mere human love, but
God's LOVE.
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Frederick's "A Mission of Mercy" Restoring dignity
This can often be expressed in a variety of ways,
including: the medical and dental care we provide a kind
look, a gentle touch, a sincere smile, a hug, a
compassionate tone of voice, or an attentive ear. Since our
primary product is LOVE and not just medical/dental care,
then each of our volunteers, whether practitioners,
pharmacists, nurses, technicians, administrative or
hospitality workers, are equally able on any given day to
be God's primary instrument of LOVE for any of those we
serve. In the same vein, on any given day one of our staff
or volunteers may be the recipient of God's LOVE through
the poor we serve.

A Mission of Mercy visits Frederick MD 4 times each month

A Mission of Mercy Restored my dignity, I thought I had cancer, I was afraid to go find out, I got fired for being sick!

Wait till it happens to you...

I took these photos on my last visit to A Mission of Mercy's free health clinic at the Frederick Church of the Brethren.

Mission of Mercy 005