Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mobile Medical Clinic - Volunteer Based Free Clinic

Who does Mission of Mercy Serve with their Mobile Medical Clinic?

Our patients are:

  • The Working Poor

  • Some working two jobs

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    Their Employers do not provide health insurance and they make a little too much to qualify for government assistance

    For these patients, the care they receive at Mission of Mercy brings hope for the future.

    Many had given up, going without health care for years, (this actually fits my situation and how I came to learn about Mission of Mercy... I endured the pain until it interfered with my job and I began to get fired... fired for being sick) causing their illness to take over their lives.

    For others, the choice between obtaining health care for a family member and putting food on the table is no longer a choice they have to make...

    Go to a clinic, there is a new "Coffee with Mom" at the Frederick Clinics.

    See the tour, see the relief on the patients faces... like I did, I saw them from the perspective of being one of them!

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