Saturday, November 22, 2008

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Mission of Mercy

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I've found out recently that I've been referring to Mission of Mercy incorrectly.

Actually, the correct title of the organization I'm so grateful for is

A Mission Of Mercy

There is a Mission of Mercy it's not "our" Mission of Mercy.

What's going on is that here, in Frederick Maryland, where A Mission of Mercy's headquarters is located, we refer to it without the *A* because ours is here and the other one is somewhere else:)

The *other* Mission of Mercy seems to be a great cause, when Googled one can see that the purpose of the *other* one is to help needy children in other countries.

What does *our* A Mission of Mercy do?

We (I say we because I think of myself as being *on the team*, when I'm an enthusiastic outside supporter with online promotion skills to donate), We at A Mission of Mercy provide free health care and dental care to the under-insured and uninsured of Frederick Maryland.

Ok, so that's still not an accurate definition... A Mission of Mercy provides a

Mobile Medical Care Clinic

in 4 states: Maryland (where I hail from), Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona.

The extremely popular online social gathering website "Facebook", which is similar to the hugely successful "MySpace" website, has a section devoted to raising money for registered 501c3 non profit charities.

I've included the Mission of Mercy facebook 'cause' link here on this blog, and on all the articles I've written on and on a new Frederick Maryland Charities blog I've started:

The facebook link will prove to be an easy way to publicize A Mission of Mercy