Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fall from Grace? This could be you...

This could be you

From $750,000 a year to $7.29 hour (plus tips).

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I deliver pizza when ever I'm near broke, that is if I have a working (legally tagged) car I do.
Pizza delivery has the benefit of letting you take home some cash that day... when you're near the bottom of the workforce barrel you find waiting the two weeks until you get paid almost impossbile.
This fellow went from getting paid 12 times a year, and getting paid more than enough TO needing to bring milk and bread home TODAY.

A Mission of Mercy needs a volunteer Dentist in the Northern Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania region. Ideal for a retired dentist seeking to do God's Work, A Mission of Mercy does not discriminate, if you're a retired dentist or a practicing dentist they'll take you!

One day per month at the same location, there are many locations to choose from.
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