Monday, August 11, 2008

Mission of Mercy needs dentists

I asked Linda Ryan, Executive Director of  Mission of Mercy's Maryland/Pennsylvania Program, what she needed most.

Her reply?


A volunteer Dentist, we're only asking for one day a month.

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Mission of Mercy asks it's volunteer doctors, nurses and pharmacists to commit ONLY to one day of service each month.
Mission of Mercy's volunteers often sign up to work at the same clinic each month, allowing for the development of strong doctor/patient relationship.

The Maryland/ Pennsylvania Free traveling health care clinic needs MORE DENTISTS.

Dental care is the #1 most pressing health care issue of Maryland/Pennsylvania uninsured and underinsured.

Oh and do NOT send money to me or this blog, to send help (and God knows it's needed) go to this OFFICIAL Mission of Mercy website:

Volunteer Mission of Mercy dentist, Dr. Waxter, DDS with a patient

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