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History of and Mission of...

Mission of Mercy Frederick MDMission of Mercy

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Without access to health care, the under insured and uninsured working poor AND their families suffer most.

Too often, they must drop out of the workforce, forego care or seek treatment at hospital emergency rooms. Mission of Mercy fills this gap by providing free medical care to those who are 'falling through the cracks' of our countries health care system.

History of and Mission of "Mission of Mercy"

Founded in 1994, a Mission of Mercy is a (501c3) non sectarian charity whose mission is "to restore dignity to the sick, poor and homeless by providing free medical and dental care and healing through Love"

This mission is accomplished through a mobile medical program that utilizes active and retired licenced volunteer medical professionals to provide free healthcare and free prescription medications to those who have no health insurance or LIMITED access to health care.

Mission of Mercy operates eighteen clinics in Four States:

  • Maryland

  • Pennsylvania

  • Arizona

  • Texas

  • All healthcare services are provided FREE regardless of race,creed, color, national orign or faith

    Who is Treated?

    However, our patients are predominately the working poor who pay taxes and do not receive government assistance. These patients do NOT receive health insurance through their employers and can't afford to pay for it out of pocket.

    Mission of Mercy needs volunteer dentists.

    To donate financially, go to

    Mission of Mercy's Tax I.D. #86-0704883

    To find out more about Mission of Mercy go to
    and type into the search box (upper left hand corner)
    Mission of Mercy

    "Healing Through Love"

    A Mission of Mercy is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of helping those who are in need but do not have the means to fulfill those needs for themselves. A team of licensed active and retired medical professionals help provide these needs. Free medical and dental services, along with prescription medications have become available to the uninsured working, homeless, and those who have found themselves in economic troubles, all through this compassionate organization. The mission seeks to help those in need by providing free basic healthcare by "healing through love."

    Many volunteer administrative, healthcare, and hospitality workers help fulfill the needs of many, no matter what race, color, creed, national origin or religion. The nonprofit organization, A Mission of Mercy, was founded in 1994 by pharmacist, Gianna Talone-Sullivan. Sullivan, who for many years was a clinical pharmacist in Arizona, felt a strong calling which was asking her to help the sick and hurt. The group helps many disadvantaged people in Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas through their traveling medication clinic. This mobile doctor's office has thirteen clinics located in those four states.

    The funds that support this miraculous foundation are all the result of private donations from thoughtful individuals just looking to help. The care that the patients receive is that in which resembles a real medical setting. The services are provided through a continuous care system, not just emergency and screening services. The traveling doctor's office is equipped to diagnose and treat conditions ranging from acute to serve illnesses working with; the head, ears, eyes, nose, throat, neck, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, skin conditions, glandular, and psychiatric problems. The foundation also prescribes up to 225 different types of prescription medications, which are also free to the foundations patients.

    The volunteer organization provides a large range of free medical options available to the uninsured and underinsured including; surgery, lab tests, and x-rays, in consultation with some hospitals, private providers and specialists in their areas. The group also provides dental care, which for now are in the Maryland and Pennsylvania clinics only. The services that are provided through the dental section of the foundation are; extractions, fillings, dental exams and x-rays, and to instruct patients on proper dental hygiene. A Mission of Mercy's dental program is fully mobile; operating with everything a traditional dental office would have including; their portable treatment chair, x-ray machine, light, high-speed autoclave, and many sets of instruments, hand tools, compressor, and a electric generator.

    A Mission of Mercy also provides prenatal care programs, which are only located in Frederick at the time being. The patients who participate in the prenatal care program will receive; a series of personal visits with a doctor and/or a nurse mid-wife, a supply of multivitamins and other necessary prescription medications, lab and diagnostic imaging services, prenatal blood work and a copy of complete medical records. Even though the volunteer physicians cannot deliver the child, the mother is given full medical records that she can provide to doctors at the hospital. A Mission of Mercy provides everything in which a traditional medical setting would provide. The organization is just a moving and free medical provider trying to fulfill the needs of the uninsured and underinsured.

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